Metal Tube Bending Services

Metal tube bending requires care and precision. While other companies may shy away from bending tubes with demanding accuracy, Marver Med welcomes the challenge. Our tubing is typically bent incrementally for precise control and to achieve the exact desired curve.

Materials for Precision Tube Bending

The types of metal and alloy tubes we can bend are nearly endless. We work with a variety of metals, such as:

We also provide precision tube bending services for metals that are difficult to work with, such as titanium and stainless steel.

Titanium Tube Bending

At Marver Med, we’ve mastered the art of bending titanium tubing. Titanium tube bending creates components ideal for applications requiring formability and heightened resistance to corrosion.

Along with being tolerant to extreme environmental conditions, titanium tube bending creates precision parts that feature:

  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Durability and longevity
  • Shock resistance
  • And other benefits.

Stainless Steel Tube Bending

As with titanium, stainless steel tube can be difficult to bend. Many industries use stainless steel for a wide range of applications due to the material’s strength and non-corrosive properties. It is easily cleaned and able to be kept hygienic, making it a popular choice for the medical industry and food and beverage processing.

As this metal is more expensive, stainless steel tube bending requires experts who won’t waste any material. You can trust Marver Med to provide that expertise.

Precision Tube Bending for Any Industry

We are proud to provide custom tube bending services for virtually any industry. Whether you are an OEM looking for a simple bent tube for industrial machinery or working within the energy industry and looking to create components for renewable energy applications, we have the custom tube bending solution to meet your requirements.

Tube Bending for Medical Devices, Testing & Implants

When working with patients and in hospitals, there is no room for error. Marver Med’s metal tube bending process is utilized in many medical applications, including:

Tube Bending for Defense & Aerospace Applications

Metal tube used in defense or aerospace applications must meet stringent standards, guidelines, and regulations. Failure to do so can have catastrophic results. We have the capacity and knowledge to meet any tube bending requirement set within the defense or aerospace industry.

Additionally, Marver Med is an ITAR compliant registered manufacturer, making us uniquely prepared to meet the unique challenges present in the defense industry. Our capabilities also include adherence to strict mil-spec guidelines and requirements.

The Benefits of Custom Metal Tube Bending

Metal tube bending provides many benefits over other tube bending methods. Our manual machining process involves automatically running parts through one or more incremental times. This method provides precision and consistency, and the bend angles and tooling specifications are more easily controlled.

Tube bending increases efficiency, produces components quicker, and creates accurate output. These benefits remain even when working with more complex bends.

Contact Us for Your Precision Tube Bending Needs

With over 75 years of high-precision CNC tube bending experience, Marver Med has the component expertise needed for high-quality CNC machined medical devices and implants and parts for the aerospace and defense industries. Contact us to discuss your tube bending project or request a quote to design your component today.

Bent Titanium Tube
Bent Titanium Tube