Precision CNC Turning Services

Precision CNC turning produces round, cylindrical, spherical, or conical parts such as pins, shafts, or spacers. It is a subtractive machining method that places a tool against a spinning component and removes material to reach the desired configurations. The process uses CNC lathes to machine uniform parts quickly and consistently with shaping, drilling, and tapping operations all occurring within one machine arrangement.

Marver Med has the CNC machining capabilities and services to provide precision CNC turned parts and components for any industry or application.

CNC Turning Capabilities

When your application requires a precision CNC turned component with general rotational symmetry, Marver Med has the CNC turning services, equipment, and capabilities to meet even the strictest specification. While our CNC turning services do not conserve as much material as CNC Swiss machining or CNC milling, it creates more complex designs at a faster pace.

CNC Turning Lathes


(1) Hardinge Conquest GT Gang Tool     1-1/8"
(2) Hardinge Quest GT 27 1-5/8"
(1) Hardinge Talent 8/52 2"

Materials We Turn

At Marver Med, we can turn most plastic or metal materials. We commonly work with:

We have the expertise to create the critical CNC turned parts you need for your planned application, no matter your required material.

Benefits of Precision CNC Turning to Create Parts & Components

Precision CNC turning creates complex parts that are used in most people’s day-to-day lives. That’s because CNC turning comes with a wide range of advantages, including:

  • Fully automated processes to create products at high speeds
  • Ability to create fully customizable and versatile options like slots, threads, and others
  • Different types of CNC turning centers allow for diameter limitations, tooling options, and speed capabilities
  • Works consistently and efficiently for repeatable results
  • And more.

CNC Turning for Any Industry

Marver Med is proud to provide precision CNC turning services for an extensive range of industries. From aerospace to the medical field, we have the experience and knowledge to create custom turned components for any application, such as:

  • Automotive parts
  • Aviation components
  • Steel aerospace parts
  • Smartphone components
  • Medical implantable devices
  • Orthopedic screws and resurfacing posts
  • And much more.

Visit our Parts Gallery to see examples of our past work and discover what Marver Med can create for your application.

Why Choose Marver Med

Marver Med is an ISO13485:2016 certified company. Our quality standards meet or exceed both ANSI/ASQ z 1.4 and Military Standards and Specifications. We are your full-service partner and provide complete manufacturing services from concept to production to fulfillment. We are committed to supplying reliable and consistent precision components of the highest quality. In addition to our CNC turning services, we also offer:

Design Your CNC Turned Part Today

With over 75 years of high-precision CNC machining experience, Marver Med has the component experience needed for high-quality CNC machined medical devices, implants, and parts for the aerospace and defense industries.

Contact us to discuss your CNC turning project or request a quote to design your custom component today.

Orthopedic Resurfacing Posts with custom coatings
Orthopedic Resurfacing Posts
Orthopedic Screw With Custom Coating
Orthopedic Screw