Medical Instruments / Instrument Components

Medical instruments and their components require machining of medical grade materials. This includes the unique challenges of machining traditional and exotic materials to extreme accuracies.  In addition to all the usual material requirements, biocompatibility introduces an important factor of material choice for the manufacture of medical instruments and components.

As devices continue to get smaller and smaller with features and components of just a few millimeters, you can count on us to deliver specialty micromachining of medical instruments and components.

With our capabilities and resources, we can manufacture a wide variety of medical instruments and components to your specifications. Some examples of the medical instruments and components we produce are:

  • Peripheral vascular tunnelers for in-line and outside regular pathways
  • Drills
  • Guide pins
  • Reamers
  • Curved and straight cannulated awls
  • Pivot pins
  • Fasteners
  • Quick connectors
  • Blanks

Design Your CNC Machined Part Today

With over 73 years of high-precision CNC machining experience, Marver Med has the component experience needed for high-quality CNC machined medical devices and implants, and parts for the aerospace and defense industries. Discuss your medical device project with us or design your component today.

Cannulated Awl

Orthopedic Drill


Vascular Tunneler