About Us

Located in Stoughton, Massachusetts, Marver Med is an expert manufacturer of precision CNC Swiss, CNC Mill, and CNC Lathed parts. The company was founded in 1947 as Marver Cam, when Swiss-Screw machines were mechanically controlled by cams. In 1996, Marver Cam was acquired by Primo Medical Group. Later in 2007, Marver Cam changed its name to Marver Med to better reflect its primary role as a manufacturer of components for medical devices. Some of our specialty medical device components include vascular access ports, bone screws, cranial halo pins, and dental screws. We manufacture a wide variety of parts for spinal procedures that require spacers, screws, spinal cages and anchors, along with the instruments to implant them.

Manufacturing for a Variety of Industries

Even with our strong position supplying components for medical devices and implants, we remain firmly rooted in our origins. We continue to manufacture critical parts for industries in defense, aerospace, telecommunications, and gamma radiography, to name a few. We can also create prototypes and manufacture custom hardware. Marver Med routinely produces products that require very tight tolerances or the use of exotic materials. Along with process controls, advanced equipment, and a highly skilled and technical staff, Marver Med is a powerful and capable partner.

Full-Service Manufacturing from Concept to Production

Marver Med operates under the umbrella of Primo Medical Group whose core competencies include design engineering, program management, contract manufacturing, device assembly, fulfillment and logistics. Together with them, we’re a full-service partner that’s able to provide you complete manufacturing services from concept to production and fulfillment. We’re truly driven to exceed our customer's expectations, and committed to providing reliable and consistent precision components of the highest quality.