Precision Titanium Machining

Titanium and its alloys are lightweight but very tough. They resist corrosion and perform very well under normal-severe temperatures. However, despite the many benefits of CNC titanium parts, it is a challenging material to machine due to its high strength and durability. Many CNC machining companies and services may not be prepared to machine this versatile metal.

Machining titanium can be tricky, but at Marver Med, we carefully examine the unique properties of titanium and its alloys. This process-focused approach gives us the information we need to properly program our machines to get the best results for your finished piece.

Benefits of Using Titanium for CNC Machined Precision Parts

Despite the challenging nature of working with the material, machining titanium provides many benefits for your application. We have the expertise and industry experience to create high-quality precision titanium components for use in any industry. The main advantages of titanium include:

  • Highest strength-to-density ratio of any element on the periodic table
  • Naturally resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Extremely durable
  • And more.

Precision Titanium Parts for Any Industry

Demand for titanium and titanium alloy machined parts is steadily increasing due to their many desirable properties. While various industries use titanium parts, applications that commonly include precision titanium parts are:

  • Medical devices
  • Aerospace engines, frames, and other components
  • Defense applications
  • Automotive parts
  • And others.

CNC Machined Titanium for Medical Applications

Titanium is a biocompatible metal due to its corrosion resistance, strength, and durability. These characteristics make it an excellent choice for many applications related to implantable medical devices and surgical instruments. Marver Med is the CNC machining company to create your custom medical titanium components, including:

  • Bone screws that are tapered, straight, or self-tapping
  • Dental implant screws
  • Clamps, cutters, and forceps
  • Dilators and tunnellers
  • And many more.

CNC Titanium Machining for Aerospace Components

Titanium is quickly becoming one of the most common materials in the aerospace industry. Its high-strength, lightweight properties, and tolerance to high temperatures make titanium ideal for aircraft, shuttles, spacecraft, and other aerospace applications. We understand the need for extreme precision, accuracy, and complete guideline compliance in the aerospace industry, where minor flaws can cause catastrophic outcomes.

Marver Med is your titanium machining partner, producing CNC titanium parts to meet any aerospace specification, requirement, or regulation. Visit our Parts Gallery to see our past work and discover what we can do for your titanium machining application.

Your Top Source for Custom Titanium Machining & Other CNC Services

Marver Med is an ISO13485:2016 certified company. Our quality standards meet or exceed both ANSI/ASQ z 1.4 and Military Standards and Specifications. We are your full-service partner and provide complete manufacturing services from concept to production to fulfillment. Besides titanium machining, we also work with a variety of other materials, including:

Design Your CNC Titanium Parts Today

With over 75 years of high-precision CNC machining experience, Marver Med has the component experience needed for high-quality CNC machined medical devices, implants, and parts for the aerospace and defense industries.

Contact us to discuss your titanium machining project or request a quote to design your component today.


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