Titanium Machining

Demand for titanium / titanium alloy machined parts is steadily increasing due to its desirable properties. Titanium parts are more durable and perform better than other metals and materials.

Titanium and its alloys are lightweight but very tough. They resist corrosion and perform very well under normal-severe temperatures. Various grades of titanium and its alloys are used to make implants for the medical industry and is extensively in the defense and aerospace industries.

Machining titanium can be tricky, but at Marver Med we carefully examine the unique properties of titanium and its alloys. This gives us the information we need to properly program our machines to get the best results for your finished piece.

Design Your CNC Titanium Parts Today

With over 73 years of high-precision CNC machining experience, Marver Med has the component experience needed for high-quality CNC machined medical devices and implants, and parts for the aerospace and defense industries. Discuss your Titanium Machining project with us or design your component today.