Marver Med has the resources, technology and experience to help you achieve all of your product development needs. We can help create a design for manufacture and assembly that results in efficient production at reasonable costs. We utilize leading industry tools to create three-dimensional modeling and two-dimensional detailing. Our engineering teams can also create:

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Verification Testing and Protocols
  • Development/Execution
  • Design Controls

From design to production, we utilize the best tools to turn your ideas into realities:

  1. Solidworks® 3D Modeling System
  2. SurfCam and Partmaker CAD/CAM Systems
  3. Epicor® 10 Enterprise Resource Planning
  4. GAGEtrak® Calibration Management
  5. ENSUR Document Control System

Design Your CNC Machined Part Today

With over 75 years of high-precision CNC machining experience, Marver Med has the component experience needed for high-quality CNC machined medical devices and implants, and parts for the aerospace and defense industries. Discuss your engineering project with us today.