For over 73 years Marver Med has been turning out precision metal and plastic parts with a special focus on medical device products. As a leading contract manufacturer specializing in CNC Swiss-Screw Machine made parts, Marver Med built a respected reputation for producing micro-precision and conventional parts that meet rigorous tolerances. From surgical instruments and medical implants to highly specialized defense and aerospace components, we create parts, components, and solutions of the highest quality.

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Since 1947, Marver Med has been committed to leading the industry as a contract manufacturer in the precision screw machine market. Strictly adhering to the quality standard of ISO 13485:2016, Marver Med has an established and respected reputation for exacting tight tolerances in CNC precision machining. We service all commercial markets, specializing in micro precision CNC/SWISS and conventional machining for the medical device industry. Our commitment to customer satisfaction through continuous improvement generates our industry defining performance standards. Whatever your machining production needs, Marver Med supplies consistent quality components. From prototypes to production we are your precision CNC machining solution!


Medical implants are devices made from various materials that are placed inside the human body. They can be used to replace or augment body parts such as hips or knees, deliver medications, monitor and regulate body functions, and provide support to organs and tissues.

Whatever the size or application, your products demand the absolute best. The Marver Med team has the ability and experience to turn out your quality surgical instruments and implants. There are thousands of surgical instruments and implants used in hospitals, outpatient surgical centers, and dental offices.

Precise attention to details is important in aircraft construction. Whether it is military jets, cargo planes, or airline transportation, the exactness required extends to all portions of the aircraft construction process. We understand that any part that seems insignificant is very much crucial to the safe and successful operation of all aerospace equipment.

Machining for defense industries often entails the use of exotic materials like super alloys, so you can count on our long history of working with challenging materials to produce the best parts for defense industries.

Industrial radiography is a way to perform non-destructive testing that uses ionizing radiation to inspect materials and components to locate and quantify defects and degradation in materials that would lead to the failure. Industrial gamma radiography uses gamma rays generated by the natural radioactivity of sealed radionuclide sources.

We can custom machine hardware to your specifications or modify existing components and hardware. Our capabilities to make and modify custom machined hardware are nearly endless.