Metal Laser Marking & Engraving

Of the many ways to mark or engrave metal materials, lasers can efficiently create permanent, contactless designs with endless possibilities. While both laser marking and laser engraving create precise and clean results, there are slight differences between the two processes:

  • Laser marking creates shallow markings by melting through the surface of the material. Laser marking is completed quickly and modifies the material’s surface roughness.
  • Laser engraving creates deep grooves by evaporating the material to produce deep grooves. Laser engraving is recommended if a component will undergo further stressful processing, such as sandblasting.

No matter your goal or application, Marver Med has the experience and capabilities to meet or exceed your laser marking or engraving goals.

Industrial Metal Laser Marking Capabilities

Our lasers are ideal for marking all metals, most plastics, and painted/anodized/coated materials for industrial applications. Utilizing our Tykma™ 4-axis laser and Minilase™ equipment systems, we deliver consistent results. With marking fields measuring 23” x 21.5” and 3.93” x 3.93” respectively, we can laser mark, engrave, or etch a variety of different parts and components.

Metals & Materials for Industrial Laser Marking & Engraving

Marver Med can laser mark and engrave a wide variety of materials for most industrial applications. However, lasers are most effective when applied to metals or metal alloys. We recommend using laser marking and engraving on materials like:

Benefits of Laser Marking & Engraving

Laser marking metal industrial parts comes with many benefits as laser marking and engraving create durable and easy-to-read marks for identification, branding, and other purposes. These marks lead to more efficiency and productivity, greater visibility within the supply chain, cost-effective solutions to counterfeiting risks, and displayable compliance with industry regulations.

Laser Marking & Engraving for Any Industrial Application

Most industries find significant advantages in using laser marking and engraving on metal components. Since laser marking and engraving are fully automated and processed quickly, you can have permanent, cost-effective marks placed on any metal or other material for any industrial application.

Laser Marking for Medical Devices

Laser marking medical devices can help mark barcodes, serial numbers, logos, certifications, and any number of other vital identifying information. Laser marking medical devices is commonly used on:

Laser Engraving for Defense & Aerospace

Laser marking or engraving defense and aerospace components contribute to meeting strict military specifications, FAA requirements, and other standards. From plane wings to dog tags, laser marking defense and aerospace parts is a cost-effective way to minimize profit loss and recall times.

Begin Your Industrial Metal Laser Marking & Engraving Project Today

With over 75 years of high-precision CNC machining experience, Marver Med has the industrial laser marking and engraving component experience needed for high-quality CNC machined devices. Contact us with any questions about your laser marking or engraving project or request a quote to begin designing your component today.

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