Component Assembly

In addition to our innovative machining and manufacturing services, Marver Med assembles previously manufactured components and/or sub-assemblies into a complete product or unit of a product. These services are performed by highly skilled operators in either a traditional assembly area or in a controlled cleanroom environment, depending on the needs of your sector.

With over 75 years of experience, Marver Med is ready to meet all standards for procedure, quality, and more for your custom-machined parts and precision assemblies. We handle all steps of manufacturing, assembly, and quality control to ensure you only receive the best components with every order. Contact us or request a quote to learn more.

Quality Assurance & Clean Room Assembly Processes for Your Industry

Various industries have differing requirements and guidelines for component assembly, and Marver Med has the quality systems in place to ensure that your component assembly process matches your expectations and necessary regulations. We offer:

Our team is in your corner from blueprinting to manufacturing to assembly. Call 781-341-9372 to learn more about how we can support your operations through our component assembly services. We will get to know your project specifications and parameters, then propose a solution tailored to your requirements.

Medical Device Assembly

Medical device assembly requires strict quality control, complete accuracy, and precision machining services. As many of these components and devices are implanted within patients or utilized during delicate medical procedures, any machining, assembly, or delivery error can have critical results for end users. As Marver Med specializes in working with the medical industry, we understand the intricacies and demands of medical device assembly processes, and we have the capabilities to machine and assemble:

Aerospace Component Assembly

Aerospace assemblies operate in extreme conditions, and the slightest flaw created during manufacturing or component assembly can lead to catastrophic shutdowns. Marver Med is a premier partner for major aerospace OEMs, and we are ready to deliver exacting results for this demanding industry. We have the capabilities and expertise to manufacture and assemble tight-tolerance parts used in:

  • Thermocouples, gauges, and testing equipment
  • Commercial aircraft
  • Satellites and spacecraft
  • Seat components
  • Oxygen generation systems
  • And many other aerospace projects!

Expert Aerospace & Medical Device Assembly

With over 75 years of high-precision CNC machining experience, Marver Med has the component expertise needed for manufacturing and assembling high-quality CNC-machined medical devices and implants, parts for the aerospace and defense industries, and components used across sectors.

Contact us to discuss your component assembly project. Request a quote to receive assembly information specific to your planned application.

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We can assemble a variety of components and products.